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  1. New Products! Burlap sashes and Chiffon Ruffle Hoods

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    I love finding new items - its always exciting when I finally find what I've been looking for! This time it's burlap sashes and chiffon ruffle hoods - and they are both gorgeous!

    Burlap Sashes first . . .

    img_0108      img_0109

    These are just a few photographs that I took quickly so the burlap sashes could have done with pressing, but they give a good idea of how they look. They can be used on their own or with a lace overlay and they look great knotted rather than in a bow. They can be used with covers or if your venue chairs are already lovely you can hire them without the covers.

    Burlap, hessian and lace are HUGE for weddings in 2014 and 2015! Its easy to see why too - such a great twist on the vintage style! Burlap, lace and pearls are such a great theme!


    Now my Chiffon Ruffle Hoods . .


    I am IN LOVE with my new Chiffon Ruffle Hoods! They come in this beautiful 'nude' colour and also in ivory, and they are so romantic and different. They are absolutely perfect for using on wooden chairs without chair covers as well as over my crisp white covers on more 'standard' banquetting chairs. They look so beautiful and elegant. If you are looking for something different and with the ultimate 'WOW' factor this would be perfect!

  2. Lovely Weddings & Social Media

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    Love it or hate it, social media seems to be getting more and more popular. Here is a quick guide to how I use social media for Lovely Weddings, and how it can help you to plan your big day.

    Like most businesses Lovely Weddings can be found on most of the popular social media sites - mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

    Facebook is possibly the most updated of my social media pages - mainly because its quick and easy for me to update and to add pictures. There are a lot more pictures on my facebook page than on my website so it's well worth popping over there and taking a look through the albums of various venues. Photos are added all the time and I usually pop new items on there before they hit the website. Its always lovely to see my customers pop up on Facebook so please take a look and 'like' the page if you get chance :)

    Twitter is still a bit of a mystery to me if I'm honest! My facebook posts copy over to Twitter but I'm not a huge 'tweeter'. I do love networking on Twitter though - 'Yorkshire Hour' and 'Wedding Hour' are great fun and a wonderful way to find some really great companies. If you're struggling to find something for your wedding I'd definetly recommend popping over on a Wednesday evening and asking, everyone is so helpful and friendly :)

    Instagram is a lot of fun, I don't post as often as I should but I like to add pictures of venues and all sorts of lovely things that I see when I'm out and about :)

    Pinterest is my FAVOURITE!! Its a fantastic tool for wedding planning - or for planning anything else! As you can see from my boards I've used it for weddings, christenings, christmas - its a really great place to get ideas and inspiration. If you don't have an account its really worth setting one up and having a look around. There are some great ideas for weddings on there, if you're looking for something different its a great place to start. Its also a great place to find funny cat pictures if you're bored :)