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Welcome to Lovely Weddings - Featured Weddings!

Every wedding and event we work on is special and stands out for its own reasons, so I thought it would be nice to share a little more information about some of our previous projects. I love sharing photographs of our work, and often add new pictures to our Facebook page, but there is always so much more to the story than just the finished room! So we needed featured weddings!

With details of the venue, the little extra touches that really make all the difference, the reasons certain colours or items were chosen . . . . each Lovely Weddings event has a story. I hope you enjoy reading about a few of them here!

I have divided our featured wedding into sections based on the location of the venue. This should help you find if your venue has a write up just yet :) New weddings will be added regularly so pop a bookmark on this page and check back now :)

Weddings in Leeds

Weddings in Sheffield

Weddings in Harrogate

Weddings in York